We drive change

We were born to make mobility truly sustainable. We create innovative solutions that respond to the most pressing environmental challenges, putting environmental protection, social responsibility and technological research at the centre of our action. And we do it in a simple way, for everyone.


A new idea of ​​movement, for everyone

We are convinced that electric mobility will lead the global transition to sustainable energy use. This is why we develop solutions that reduce the environmental impact of mobility and promote the use of renewable resources. We also enable an innovative business idea that adopts circular economy models, promotes social inclusion, and generates long-term shared value. To free the movement of everyone on the planet.
Circular design
We reduce the environmental footprint of our products, optimise costs and promote responsible behaviours towards the Planet.
Universal design
We involve communities in designing solutions that are not only sustainable, but also equitable and inclusive.


Innovation is electric

We live in a time when the most important innovations concerning mobility and the energy transition go through e-mobility. It is on this road - our road - that cutting-edge solutions are tested, capable of tackling and solving some of the most complex environmental, urban planning and social problems. Our aim is to broaden the scope of electric mobility, to innovate any transport solution and thus reduce emissions related to movement, in all its forms.
Shared innovation
We work with strategic partners to implement innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.
Concrete impact
We generate positive effects for communities by bringing the energy of our most advanced technologies into people's lives.
Continuous exploration
Through our research and development we want to expand the frontiers of electric mobility to new contexts, from ships to helicopters.

What we do

Let's get the ideas flowing

We take to the track to develop technologies that become innovative, affordable, sustainable solutions for everyday mobility.