Electric charging stations

Smart, flexible solutions for everyone.

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Full transition to electric mobility will only be possible through an extensive system of charging points that are safe, reliable and easy to use. That is why we have developed a wide range of infrastructure for public and domestic charging. This means that electric vehicles can be charged anywhere at any time, with a capacity of up to 350 kW. Not only that, several vehicles can be recharged simultaneously.


Waybox, Waypole and Waypump are just some of our products: they are suitable for any setting and are easy to manage via a smartphone and our online portals. These are smart solutions which offer the option of additional services, such as balancing the charge of electric power on the grid, advanced prioritization logistics and optimization of charging costs.


And our quest for innovation doesn't stop there! Our goal is to develop innovative products and advanced charging solutions for a more sustainable world. To do this, we have established strategic partnerships with the major electric vehicle competitions such as MotoE and Extreme E, for which we supply state-of-the-art charging equipment. Our collaboration with the world of e-motorsport enables us to look to the future, implementing new solutions that can move swiftly from the racetrack to the roads we use every day.

At the service of electric mobility

Easily manageable through our digital portals and smartphones. Intelligent solutions that offer the possibility to manage additional services, such as balancing electric power load on the grid, advanced charging prioritization logic, and charging cost optimization.