FIM Enel MotoETM World Championship

We are Official Smart Charging Partner of the international MotoE championship, where competition also takes place inside the e-paddocks. The teams and technicians behind the scenes are continuously developing new solutions for charging the electric motorbikes fast and completely independent from the local power grid, pushing technologies beyond the limits.
moto e

Lots of power

150 HP motor, powered by an 18 kWh battery


The battery weighs 110 kg and offers a capacity of 18 kWh


Monocoque Front Frame in aluminium weighing 3,7 kg

Wayroll EVO

Maximum charging voltage 850V

More powerful

Charging power up to 11,4 kW

Fast charging specialists

Wayroll EVO Race Edition

Facing the MotoE championship is a challenge that requires continuous improvement. We have improved the technology of last year's JuiceRoll with the new Wayroll EVO Race Edition: even lighter and more powerful, it allows racers to get off to a fast start with a high-performance and efficient fast charging system.
More versatile
Exceptional performance on the racetrack, on the road or in extreme locations, with a maximum voltage increased from 500 to 850, Volt Wayroll EVO Race Edition fits all needs and the architecture of the new Ducati.
Innovative materials and technologies and a total weight of 30 kg have made the Wayroll EVO Race Edition a competitive system in terms of handling, portability and practicality.
More Powerful
Up to 11.4 kW charging power and reduced charging times. In addition, power is stored thanks to the integrated battery, allowing for easier transport without wiring or installation.
Made in Italy
Charging solutions developed specifically for the Ducati V21L: the electric racing bike that embodies all the qualities of the historic Italian brand. A model capable of reaching 275 km/h, the star of motorsports and synonymous with superior quality, functional design and top-level engineering.

The race begins

The MotoETM 2024 championship programme

Get on the track and follow the 2024 season of the FIM Enel MotoETM World Championship! At each circuit, the different teams will face two free practice sessions, qualifications on Friday and two races on Saturday, testing the most innovative solutions.
Algarve (Portugal)
22-23 March
Le Mans (France)
10-11 May
Barcelona (Spain)
24-25 May
Mugello (Italy)
31 May - 1 June
Assen (Holland)
28-29 June
Sachsenring (Germany)
5-6 July
Spielberg (Austria)
17-18 August
Misano (Italy)
6-7 September

Experience the thrill of the 2023 MotoETM World Championship

Thrilling, sustainable and electric. The 2023 MotoETM season was filled with excitement and took the technological development of sustainable mobility on two wheels to new heights. It was the first year for the Ducati V21L, a motorcycle capable of reaching 275 km/h with a maximum power and torque of 110 kW /150 HP and 140 Nm respectively. Maximum energy was provided by our Wayroll EVO Race Edition charging system during every World Championship race.