Innovative solutions that cross the boundaries between track and road

Our passion for emission-free speed has led us to explore new engineering solutions that redefine the idea of performance in electric motors and charging systems. Our determination has made us Energy Enablers for international electric vehicle competitions, and global leaders in MotoE championships. Our enthusiasm for sustainable and competitive mobility has crossed the boundaries between performance and sustainability, bringing innovation from the track to the road.


High-intensity motorcycling with grit and passion. Adrenaline and renewable energy generated directly on the race track.

Research and Development

Creativity and fun in designing technology for everyday life.

We are driven to compete by instinct. In eMotorsport championships, we not only get to experience the truest emotions as a team, but we have the privilege of being able to devise, test and perfect advanced technologies that protect the environment around us, finding solutions in extreme conditions that can be transferred to and used in everyday life by all people. By researching and developing, race after race, we push the technology we want to use in everyday life to the maximum, such as the technologies developed in MotoE for fast recharging in the ePaddock, independently of the local power grid.
Wayroll EVO Race Edition
We have developed an innovative solution for Ducati to recharge motorbikes faster. Lighter thanks to an aluminium frame; with an integrated battery for easy transport. More powerful, with a charging power of up to 11.4 kW and a voltage of up to 850V, it is the direct evolution of the Wayroll.

Innovation Lab

Vallelunga: our e-Mobility Hub

A true monument to motorsport, the historic Vallelunga circuit, immersed in the silence of the Roman countryside, is now our e-Mobility Hub. The Hub includes a lab dedicated to the development of new sustainable mobility solutions, which can be tested directly on the track, now equipped with powerful smart chargers. In the showroom, visitors can see and touch the products and solutions designed for eMotorsports for companies and private individuals, together with the museum displaying our collection of awards. 
Innovation Lab
We work with the best engineers and technicians to develop cutting-edge technologies in the e-mobility and eMotorsport sectors, testing each innovation directly in the field.
Smart racing circuit
We have equipped the Vallelunga circuit with innovative grid management solutions and smart chargers, making it a smart and sustainable test bed for the next generation of electric cars.
Inside, you can explore new mobility and electric charging solutions for businesses or everyday use. In addition, our room houses an exhibition space dedicated to the development of sustainable mobility.

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