July 3, 2023

More available charging stations with the new sensors

With the wireless sensors, it will be possible to limit unauthorised occupation of parking spaces.

One of the most common bad habits in our cities, experienced by electric vehicle owners, is certainly the abusive occupation of dedicated charging stations. This behavior harms those who need to refuel their vehicles, making charging impossible. Reserved parking spaces at charging stations are intended solely for charging purposes and cannot be used as parking areas. This applies to both vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles that are not currently charging.

That's why we have initiated the installation of sensors inside the high-power charging stalls of Enel X Way on Corso Francia in Rome, as an experimental project. These sensors are capable of recognizing when a vehicle abusively occupies the dedicated space and make it available to those who need it. In the coming days, we will install more sensors in various Enel X Way charging areas.

Free charging spaces

The wireless sensors will recognize when a vehicle occupies the space abusively and transmit the information to Enel X Way systems, which will continuously improve the user experience for customers.

Ensuring charging for everyone

Dedicated charging spaces are necessary to allow anyone who needs to refuel their vehicle to access the energy they require. Within our stalls, which can be reserved through the Enel X Way App, there are various infrastructures with different charging capacities, ranging from Waypole to Waypump. The latter allows a vehicle to be charged in less than an hour. This speed provides more and more people with the opportunity to use the infrastructure throughout the day.

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