A circular flow, straight to the point

We use recycled materials, we do not waste resources and raw materials, we design components that can be replaced and reused. Our design is circular from the outset, in accordance with Enel Group's strategy.

In a nutshell

The four sides of the circle

Our idea of circularity is based on four fundamental elements: reusing materials, extending product life cycles, using clean energy throughout the supply chain, and monitoring and evaluating the impact of our solutions. Together, these four actions form our shared platform for sustainable mobility. 
We use recyclable materials
We replace the most polluting materials with reusable ones, to reduce waste and resource dispersion.
We design with the entire product life cycle in mind
For us, the future begins when we design a product; by considering its entire life cycle, we can predict and reduce its environmental impact.
We choose clean energy throughout the supply chain
Sustainability is a road we need to travel together: we work with partners who use renewable energy sources to make the entire production chain sustainable.
We monitor and evaluate the impact of our products
We constantly monitor the impact of our products on the ecosystem and collect accurate data to evaluate and improve our solutions.