Movement belongs to everyone

The real mobility revolution is to make sure that everyone can move around freely, whatever the conditions. That is why we design our infrastructure to make it usable for drivers and passengers with reduced mobility. 

In a nutshell

What we do for accessibility

We cooperate with A.N.G.L.A.T
Together with A.N.G.L.A.T (Associazione Nazionale Guida Legislazioni Andicappati Trasporti), we created an innovative and functional design for our charging points. Every car park is equipped with additional spaces, to ensure safety when manoeuvring with wheelchairs, and a lighter charging cable to ensure an unimpeded experience to all.
We designed Wayability
Wayability makes it possible to recharge scooters, electric wheelchairs and other aids for users with reduced mobility, using the same charging infrastructure as vehicles. A tool that breaks down barriers, makes e-mobility truly universal, and grants everyone the freedom to move around.