March 28, 2023

What is a home charging station?

A home charging station is a device that is typically mounted on the wall in a garage and is installed by an authorized technician, who connects it to your home electrical system.

Where to buy a home charging station?

Electric car home charging stations come in various makes and models and can be purchased at car dealerships on or online from a number of suppliers. They usually come with support from specialized personnel to guide you in choosing the private charging station that is right for you. Enel X also offers a range of home charging solutions.


Home charge costs depend on how much your utility charges for your household supply. The same rates apply to your car, and they will show up on your bill.

How to install a charging station at home?

It is good practice for the supplier to install the product to ensure it operates correctly. The purchase price usually includes installation and technical assistance services.


There is no need to install a new meter: you can plug in your car at night, when other energy-intensive devices are not normally running, or you can install a smart charging station to regulate the current. If you have different needs, you can request a power increase at the meter from your utility.


Are home charging stations safe?

Electric car charging at home is very safe, as long as the equipment you’re using has been thoroughly tested and certified. Some of the less expensive, budget chargers on the market are not UL tested and certified and have very short warranties, because the quality can’t be ensured.

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