March 28, 2023

Where can I find a map of available charging stations?


Charging services for electric vehicles (EVs) in public areas are offered by various operators or mobility service providers (MSPs). Each operator allows customers to view the map of their electric vehicle charging stations on their website or dedicated app.


Customers can also check the map of electric vehicle charging stations to determine the status of the charging points: whether they are occupied, reserved, available, or under maintenance. On the Enel X Way website, an updated map of the Enel X Way charging network is visible.


This map also displays the charging infrastructure of MSPs with which Enel X Way has interoperability agreements, as well as their status. Thanks to these agreements, our customers can access a network of
hundreds of thousands of charging points, avoiding the hassle of additional registrations for those managed by other MSPs.

Which application can help locate a public charging station?

The Enel X Way App, which allows you to manage and monitor charging operations, utilizes our charging station map. Thus, through a smartphone or on the vehicle's infotainment screen, drivers can know on the go where to find electric vehicle charging points and their availability.


Not only that: navigation apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze have also been identifying electric vehicle charging locations for some time. The same is true for maps and navigation systems from TomTom.

How to determine if a charging station is active from the map?

Charging station maps and the apps that utilize them generally provide intuitive indications of the operational status of the displayed infrastructure. For example, our customers can verify the status of a charging point through JuicePass: if it's operational, the charging station logo will appear in green on the map. By clicking on the logo, it will be possible to check the availability of various charging points as well as the types of plugs or connectors associated with them.

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