May 26, 2023

Giro-E, routes and challenges for electric bikes

Lombardo Bikes was the official supplier of the electric bikes for the Enel X Way Team during the Giro-E, 20 stages of sustainable mobility.

Women and men, amateurs and professionals: the Giro-E Enel X Way has shown how pedal-assisted bicycles now make it possible for everyone to compete in a bike race, with accessibility as the name of the game. Thanks to the “electric boost” provided by the e-bikes, each cyclist reached the finish line, experiencing the same excitement as the professional cyclists on the same roads used during the Giro d'Italia, where champions competed to win the maglia rosa (pink jersey).


During the 20 stages that crossed the “boot,” from south to north, the electric bicycles were really put to the test and managed to overcome every obstacle: from excessive heat in Naples to more rigid temperatures in the Alps.  Giro-E  truly served as a wonderful testing ground for the cyclists and partners that took part in the competition.

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Lombardo Bikes, the supplier of electric bikes for Enel X Way

Along the roads of the Giro-E Enel X Way, the Enel X Way team was joined by an exceptional partner: Lombardo Bikes. The Sicilian company, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electric bicycles, supplied our cyclists with the e-bikes that enabled Iader Fabbri and his “travel companions” to tackle all kinds of roads. The Mugello R52 Limited Edition kept Team Enel X Way on track with a 250 W electric motor and speeds of 25 km/h.


For the final stage of the Giro-E, which took place on May 28 in Rome, Lombardo placed some of its bikes at the Waypark Micro charging stations, Enel X Way’s innovative product that is making a concrete contribution to expanding the scope of electric mobility to micro-mobility, helping reduce harmful emissions from both public and private vehicles


Waypark Micro is a “green” charging system for light electric vehicles, such as scooters, e-bikes, and electric wheelchairs, providing distributed renewable energy thanks to the use of innovative 3Sun photovoltaic panels. It is a solution designed not only to support soft mobility but also to minimize the “abandonment” of these vehicles on pedestrian paths. What’s more, it boasts 100% Italian design that fits in perfectly with the urban aesthetic.

The present and future of electric bicycles

A more sustainable world in the future must include electric mobility, characterized by innovation. This is thanks as well to the great deal of popularity these bikes have seen in the last few years. Technology has made it possible to develop increasingly high-performance bicycles and e-bikes that can take on all kinds of terrain.


From everyday trips on city streets to routes that are less accessible and allow people to explore nature – this can all take place in a completely electric way. Thanks to electricity, people will be able to reach all kinds of destinations, dreaming of a more sustainable world. And we at Enel X Way have also shown – along with Lombardo – that is really possible to get everywhere,  making for a better and more accessible future for all.

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