September 2, 2022

Electric boating is increasingly a reality with Enel X Way

After Portofino, our charging infrastructure for electric boats has been installed at Cernobbio.

Another step forward has been taken toward across-the-board electric mobility and sustainable tourism, which is broadening its horizons to include private and public transport. After Portofino, Enel X Way has installed new charging infrastructure for electric boats in Cernobbio, on Lake Como. Moreover, in a special setting, that of the Ambrosetti 2022 Forum: indeed, on this occasion Enel X Way activated a zero-emission taxi boat service for guests at the three-day event who were able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Como aboard an electric boat, while fully respecting the environment.


The charging point for electric boats which was installed at the Villa d’Este pier follows on from the one that was recently inaugurated in Portofino. Thanks to the new charging station, a 22 kW + 22 JuicePole, filling up with energy to move around Lake Como with an electric boat couldn’t be easier.

Electric mobility, a growing sector

After all, arriving early is a must in order to better face the new challenges of mobility. Electric boating is expected to have a turnover of up to 16.2 billion dollars in 2030, with an annual compound growth rate of 14.9%, and with the pleasure craft segment accounting for 18%. This growth is also being fostered by institutions: in France, for example, it is no longer possible to use boats with internal combustion engines on lakes and rivers, while in harbors with more than 100 berths, at least 1% must be allocated to electric boats. In Norway, which today is one of the most advanced countries in terms of electric mobility, it will no longer be possible to sail on fjords with fuel boats from 2026 onwards.

"Through this installation we are giving continuity to our project with widespread infrastructure for the nautical sector, both on the sea and on the lake. Equipping ourselves with these new technologies enables us to enhance the local area and to increasingly turn our gaze towards sustainable tourism."


Lorenzo Rambaldi

Head of Innovability, Enel X Way

Small electric boats

The pleasure craft sector is of particular interest as it is the one that’s best suited to electrical retrofit. Today many companies already offer solutions for the conversion of boats to batteries. And obviously there is no lack of businesses that are producing electric boats, which are destined to give a new face to nautical tourism, both for private and public transport: just think of water buses for example, which are finally becoming silent and sustainable.

Our charging infrastructure

Italy is a leader in the nautical sector and Enel X Way is at the forefront, thanks to its infrastructure. The charging point in Cernobbio fits perfectly into the company's strategy, which focuses on the integration and rapid spread, in Italy and globally, of various electric mobility solutions. Electric boating is a rapidly expanding segment and is dedicated to boats powered by electric motors. This is a boating solution that is becoming increasingly popular in marine and river areas, which are particularly relevant from a landscape point of view and are perfectly suited to the spread of environmentally conscious tourism. From boating to the road: Enel X Way has installed over 16,000 charging points for electric vehicles across the country, while its worldwide figure is more than 300,000, thanks to interoperability agreements.

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