March 22, 2023

Who are the different players and what role do they play in the value chain?

The electric mobility value chain includes different types of operators:

  • Electric vehicle manufacturers
  • Charging station manufacturers
  • Charging station retailers and installers
  • Charging Point Operators that manage a network of interconnected charging stations (which the operator may or not own) operating through an application platform. The Charging Point Operator can enable one or more Mobility Service Providers to provide charging services to end customers. The Operator can also enable interconnection and/or roaming with other Charging Point Operator networks to allow end customers to charge their electric car through a single Mobility Service Provider.
  • Mobility Service Providers that offer electric charging services to the end customer, managing the payment and customer care, and offering value-added services (booking charging sessions, displaying available stations on a special map, etc.).

Producers of Charging Stations

Large multinational companies specialized in automation, components for electrical systems, and related sectors have also become producers of electric charging stations, inaugurating dedicated facilities in our country as well. Not only that: in Italy and abroad, companies have emerged whose core business is the production of charging stations.

Sellers and Installers of Charging Stations

We're talking about entities that physically supply home and public charging stations, providing support in choosing based on the customer's needs. In many cases, in addition to the delivery, the same selling company takes care of the installation of the charging point, just as it happens with those sold by us.

Charging Point Operator

Also known as a charge point operator, this is the entity that activates, manages, and maintains the charging stations, thus ensuring the efficiency of their functionalities. Enel X Way can also be qualified as a CPO.

Mobility Service Provider

We're talking about entities that provide electric charging to the end customer, managing payments and assistance and offering value-added services, such as booking a charging point and displaying available stations on a map. Enel X Way is also among these entities.

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