March 28, 2022

What is range anxiety?

Range anxiety is the fear of getting stranded with no place to recharge one's electric car before the battery runs out. Concern about how much mileage an electric car can provide on a single charge, coupled with concern about the lack of public charging infrastructure adds up to range anxiety.


What is the range of electric cars?

What is the range of electric cars?

The electric vehicles that are currently on the market have a range that varies from 160 km for a small city car to 600km for a high-end sedan. That’s enough to meet most daily travel requirements which, in 95% of cases, are between 40 and 200 km (Source: the National Household Travel Survey).


How to eliminate range anxiety?

One way to eliminate electric car range anxiety is to install a home charging station so you can "refill" your e-vehicle overnight. Enel X Way's elegantly designed and award-winning Waybox is compact, safe, and smart. It can be managed remotely thanks to the Enel X Way App that also connects users to the Enel X Way charging station network of hundreds of thousands of charging points worldwide. Electric car drivers can use Enel X Way App to locate stations on a map, book sessions in advance and pay for them automatically. In short, joining a charging station network is another way to reduce range anxiety about electric vehicles.

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