e-Mobility Hub

Vallelunga: our e-Mobility Hub

The first center dedicated to the development and testing of e-mobility technologies

The goal of Enel X Way is to bring electric mobility to the roads of our towns and cities, and to do that, we need a place to develop, test and perfect all our innovative solutions. It’s for this very reason that we decided to make the historic Vallelunga Circuit, the home of what was the Rome F1 Grand Prix, our e-Mobility Hub


The Hub consists of a laboratory for developing new solutions directly in situ, a showroom where visitors can see and get first-hand experience of our products and electric solutions aimed at both the business and private markets, and a museum.


Thanks to a partnership between Enel X Way and the Automobile Club D'Italia (ACI), the circuit will be equipped with four fully electrified pits, and the existing infrastructure will be expanded to complete a true rebranding of the track and its facilities.


Vallelunga is also the home of the Enel X Way eMotorsports team. Just like Vallelunga and Enel X Way, e-Mobility and eMotorsport enjoy a symbiotic relationship: eMotorsport is the perfect “vehicle” for showcasing and testing Enel X Way’s broad range of charging technologies.