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We drive the transition to electric mobility: sustainable, clean, affordable.

About us

The most reliable guide to electric mobility

The transition to the mobility of the future is like an energy flowing through cities, towns, public spaces, workplaces, homes. Our contribution is to ensure that this energy spreads everywhere and becomes part of people's daily lives. This is why we develop innovative technologies and accessible charging infrastructures. We make our experience available to companies and administrations, and support them through specific consulting services. We also offer people simple and intuitive products and services that are easy to bring into their homes and control via their smartphones.
16 countries
From Europe to America, from Asia to Oceania, we have an extensive presence for the management of public and private charging points, both directly and through joint ventures.
800 people
The passion, curiosity and dedication of those who work with us enables us to create advanced solutions that make people's lives easier and cities better.
65.000 charging points
They are accessible all over the world thanks to the Enel X Way App, which promotes and enables easier and more convenient e-mobility experiences and becomes an indispensable tool in our daily lives.
161.000 charging devices
We develop flexible charging technologies and solutions for electric vehicles, so that they are increasingly easy and intuitive to use. More than 161,000 devices sold.


We support the transformation to electric mobility

We want to live in a world where every trip is powered by electricity. From one point to another, from one city to the next. For people and for goods. For work, for holidays, and adventures. On all roads and - why not - also in the sea and in the sky. To make this possible, we are committed to creating a new mobility infrastructure, with a new mindset that makes people free to move in a sustainable way. We believe that change is a path to be tackled one milestone at a time, together: that is why we are partners of the most important events in the eMotorsports scene. Because we are where sustainability, care for the planet and innovation run fastest. And we know that soon the movement of the future will move from the tracks to all our streets. Let's make the change run fast.

What we do

We make the new mobility model simple and convenient

We were born to make the way people move cleaner, more sustainable and more beautiful. And to drive, through electric mobility, the transition to renewable energies. That is why we develop innovative solutions, tools and technologies that make electric mobility accessible to all, simplifying the process of charging, managing and monitoring electric vehicles. And we make our expertise available to people, companies and institutions that want to make their own energy transition. Because we know that the mobility revolution is only possible if it becomes simple.
Charging stations
A wide range of public and domestic recharging infrastructures, capable of recharging electric vehicles anywhere and anytime, with power ratings up to 350 kW and multiple vehicles at the same time.
App and charging services
Our offer expands to give you all the energy you need, with our mobile app, promos and end-to-end solutions for private individuals, businesses and public administrations.
Software and consultancy services
You can control all charging processes through the digital platforms and software we have designed to support those managing company fleets and numerous charging infrastructures.

Clean, sustainable, on the move

It is the world we are committed to building through e-mobility.

e-mobility Emission Saving Tool

The impact of electric mobility can be measured

We can calculate in a concrete way how the adoption of electric vehicles improves the health of the people and the planet.
Recharges completed
Recharges completed icon
equal-icon equal-icon
Kg of CO2 saved icon
Kg of CO2 saved
Public costs for health and environment saved icon
17.781.412 €
Public costs for health and environment saved
Noisy cars in a year icon
Noisy cars in a year
Data refer to the country Italy as of January 1, 2018. Last updated:
We created an algorithm to calculate the CO2 saved by adopting electric vehicles. By converting the kWh delivered into its CO2 equivalent, we can obtain the amount of harmful emissions we have avoided, the number of trees it corresponds to, and an economic quantification of the benefits in terms of human and environmental health.

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