21 septiembre 2022

Enel X Way launches Set&Charge to expand EV charging infrastructure network across Italy

  • Enel X Way Italia’s offer could encourage commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants and companies to install new electric car charging stations in their parking areas.
  • Businesses can become more sustainable and offer their customers new services with high added value while boosting their turnover and increasing customer satisfaction.



Rome, September 21st, 2022 – Set&Charge is Enel X Way Italia’s new solution that enables companies and commercial establishments, including hotels and restaurants, to install electric vehicle charging stations in their parking areas, which can be used by their customers and third parties. This would improve their business’s visibility and allow them to directly receive an income from letting people charge their vehicles.


Enel X Way Italia’s solution, which represents a new offer for the business market, is being launched in parallel with the European Mobility Week, held from September 16-22. The title of this year’s week is “Better connections” and the aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable mobility and to promote more innovative and environmentally-friendly ways of travelling.


Federico Caleno, Head of Enel X Way Italia said: “With Set&Charge, not only are we providing a simple, straightforward service that will enable companies to generate consistent revenue and build customer loyalty, but we also intend to expand the EV charging network throughout Italy. In doing this, we are also aiming to increasingly promote the development of electric mobility in the country, in line with the environmental sustainability goals that have always driven our business.”


In this way, Set&Charge creates a virtuous cycle whereby the companies that adopt Enel X Way’s software solution can manage one or several charging infrastructures and gain an economic advantage from it. On the other hand, electric vehicle owners can choose from a wider range of options for charging their electric vehicle, and the country’s EV charging infrastructure network will also grow as a result.


More specifically, with the Set&Charge offer, Enel X Way Italia intends to give companies that do not have their own charging station the chance to purchase – even in instalments – one or several charging infrastructures from the available catalogue, along with the related management software. If a company wants to make the charging service available for public use, it will be able to customize the pricing and monitor service performance and revenue management. The new charging stations at the companies’ premises, to be made available for public use, will be flagged on the Enel X Way app so that drivers can find them easily, and this is sure to open further opportunities for the businesses concerned to gain visibility.


Therefore, with Set&Charge, Enel X Way Italia also plans to extend the network of infrastructures for powering electric cars by finding new areas where charging stations can be installed, not only on public land and in private homes, but also at the premises of commercial establishments, thus getting businesses interested in embarking on a journey towards environmental sustainability.


Enel X Way is the Enel Group's new company dedicated to electric mobility. Currently, Enel X Way operates in 16 countries and manages over 380,000 charging points, both directly and through roaming agreements in place around the world. As a global platform for e-Mobility, the company is focused on developing flexible charging technologies and solutions to improve the customer experience and to enable the electrification of transport for consumers, businesses, cities and public administrations.

Enel X Way launches Set&Charge to expand EV charging infrastructure network across Italy

21 septiembre 2022
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