Flat Premium X

By paying a fixed fee of 170 RON/month (VAT included), you can use 120 charging units (1 charging unit = 1 kWh). Above this threshold, the tariff plan will automatically switch to Pay per Use plan and at the end of a recharge session, the service cost will be calculated by multiplying the consumed charging units (1 charging unit = 1 kWh) with the unit price set for the service.


The unitary price is 1.97 RON for AC charging and 2.47 RON for DC fast charging.


The monthly fee includes unlimited access to the booking service and access to any connector at no extra cost.


This rate plan is activated when you subscribe to the service and is automatically renewed every month on the same day. The updated value of the monthly threshold and changes in the monthly fee can be viewed in the special dedicated section within the application.


The invoice is issued and sent to the customer on the date of subscribing to the plan or its renewal. The invoice is issued monthly, on the same day as the subscription date or after the subscription date. Additional costs due to exceeding the monthly threshold (if applicable) will be billed according to the Pay per Use tariff plan separately from the monthly subscription.


The change from the "Premium X" to another plan will apply at the next renewal and the charging units can be used until the activation of the new plan. If there is an unpaid balance on the bill, service will be suspended until the bill is paid in full; payment of the amount due will restore the service and the renewal date will remain as originally scheduled.

The indicated prices include VAT.


By continuing and accepting these conditions, the user subscribes to the monthly tariff plan – Premium X.