Pay per Use Premium tariff plan: at the end of each charging session, the cost of the service is calculated by multiplying the kWh withdrawn by the unit fee established for the service. The unit fee is differentiated between charging points: 0.69€/kWh for AC charging points, 0.89€/kWh for DC charging points up to 150 kW and 0.99€/kWh for DC charging points over 150 kW (HPC).

All amounts indicated are VAT and taxes included.

When the subscription is taken out, a pre-authorisation by way of deposit shall be made - subject to positive verification of the possibility of providing the service to the Customer - in an amount equal to the cost of the annual subscription of the chosen tariff plan in order to verify the availability of the card inserted as payment method.

To activate the first top-up, a pre-authorisation by way of deposit in the amount of €30 shall be made to verify the availability of the card inserted as a payment method.

The invoice is issued and sent to the customer at the end of each top-up session. The Tariff Plan provides for the unlimited option of the socket reservation service, at the recharging stations where the service is available, through the payment of an annual fee/charge at the promotional price of €15/year instead of €25/year for all those who subscribe to the Tariff Plan from 1 October until 31 December 2023. The option has a duration of 12 months and will be automatically renewed at the end of the validity period at the price of 25€/year. The invoice issued is sent at midnight on the day on which the renewal purchase is made. The promotion on offer also provides that if you top up at least 60kWh from 1 October to 31 December 2023, you will receive 60kWh in the form of a coupon in January 2024.

Always check the App for compatible charging points with the booking service being promoted. It is possible to book the same outlet for a maximum of 3 (three) consecutive times: on the fourth consecutive attempt the booking service will be inhibited for 20 minutes.

The change from a "Pay per Use" tariff plan to a "Flat" tariff plan shall be activated 24 hours after the relevant request.

The change from a "Pay per Use Premium" Tariff Plan to a "Pay per Use Basic" Tariff Plan will be activated from the day after the request is made. From the day after the request is made, it will therefore no longer be possible to make a booking for the socket under the "Pay per Use Premium" tariff plan. The "Pay per Use Premium" tariff plan allows you to reserve the socket for 15 minutes, to top up and to occupy the socket for up to 60 minutes after the end of the top-up.

For Public Recharging Stations expressly indicated in the App, a penalty shall be applied for failure to release the outlet once 60 (sixty) minutes have elapsed since the end of the recharge. The amount is indicated in the detail sheet of the individual socket of the Public Recharging Station concerned and is equal to:

- 0.10€/min for AC Sockets (Type2 and Type3a), with maximum power up to 43 kW;

- 0.20€/min for DC Sockets (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2), with maximum power up to 150 kW;

- 0.30€/min for HPC Stations (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2), with power output over 150 kW

The amounts of the penalties are to be understood as "Excluding VAT Art.15" and will be invoiced, where applicable, at the end of the charging session. This Plan may only be subscribed to and used in Italy.

By continuing and accepting these terms and conditions you adhere to the "Pay per Use Premium" tariff plan. For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the App.